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Insurance Market Intelligence, LLC

Mailing Address:
3000 Gulf To Bay Blvd, Suite 600
Clearwater FL 33759

Phone: 833-812-0835


Why the Hound Dog?

The hound dog is famed for their innate tracking skills and keen nose, along with the ability to tirelessly chase down its targets.  That’s what IMI does for you; we continually chase down the markets providing you with the most current guidelines and everyday tools.

IMI's proprietary software allows you to enter specific risk criteria to identify markets who would entertain the risk.


 The IMI hound dog, tracker, has a red toolbox in his mouth and is going to provide you with tools for your insurance business
The Tools section is a one stop source offering a range of comprehensive products that will help take your business to new levels.


IMI constantly scours the marketplace to effectively track the latest underwriting changes for your commercial placements. 


IMI protects your clients by providing you with industry insight and list of markets that you may have failed to consider.